Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to Moshi Monsters Rewritten! The staff in the development team as well as the moderators and helpers would like to address a couple things before you ask any questions and/or report any bugs in questions and report-bugs. We strongly urge you to read this and any other resources before reporting ANYTHING. Other specific articles are included here: FYI This will be updated regularly. So if there is anything new, it will be here. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Why does Season 1 Mission 6 not work?
If you are playing a Katsuma the mission will not go forward. To obtain Penny you will need to use the seed combo in the Moshling Book in the garden.
Does order of seeds matter?
No, the order doesn't matter. However the colours do. More info:
How long does it take for plants to grow in the garden?
Three (3) hours after the time it is planted.
Will new moshlings be added?
We would like to add more again in the not too distant future and we do have plans to but we can't make any promises. Stuff is always being updated and worked on, so we urge you to be patient!
Will we be able to select some of the new moshlings as our favourite on our profile?
We intend to do this soon but we are not sure when. MOST MOSHLINGS CAN BE OBTAINED VIA SEED COMBINATIONS. CHECK THE BOOK!
The shovel in the garden freezes and I can't plant anything!
This is a known bug but to fix this either enter your room again or refresh your application (You can either just click your door or press 'My Room' on the top right).
━━━> Missions
Why aren't the cutscenes not playing?
Cutscenes are not available to view on MMR, however, if you want to view them:
Why can't I access Movie Mystery or Haunted Mansion Missions?
Movie Mystery and Haunted Mansion missions are either buggy or can't be accessed as of now. Blinki, Marsha, and Glob have seed combinations.
Why do I have the same inventory from another mission?
This has a tendency to happen, we, unfortunately, can't fix this as this was in the original game.
Some of the conversations is missing?
Some conversations will come up missing, these are due to lost/missing files such as in Lolly Landing on the Great Moshi Beanstalk when talking to Slurpy. Try clicking okay and if you cannot you won't be able to progress on that specific part/mission.
[item] is missing!
Items will occasionally bug out, and you may need to refresh and replay the mission. This was in the old game, we cannot fix this!
Why can't I play Quack Attack in Season 2 Mission 5?
The circus quack game is deliberately rigged in season 2 mission 5 and it is not a bug.
━━━> Application
You can play Moshi Monsters Rewritten on Windows, Mac, and Mobile!
Application Safety:
How to mute MMR: ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
━━━> General Bugs
Why am I not earning XP?
There are a number of visual bugs in Mini-games, for example, Play for Rox on The Great Moshi Beanstalk and Underground Disco. Your XP bar doesn't seem to be moving, just refresh and it will. You can also see your exact percentage (%) of how close you are to level up via your 'Account Settings' on the top right of the MMR Window. More Info: and
I can't collect ROX in Ice-Scream?
Refresh and don't open your moshling zoo. More info:
Can I send mystery gifts?
Video gifts have been added, however, Mystery Gifts are still a work in progress.
All my rox are missing!!
When you start the game you may have minor issues with seemingly losing all your rox. This is a glitch that usually only occurs early in the game. Your rox doesn't truly go, if you buy something it will go back to normal.
Minor Glitches
There are a few minor glitches that won't disrupt your game in any important way: Monster occasionally freezing at Disco, music looping in Beanstalk Bounce and other people's friends tree displaying wrong amount of players (old site glitches)
Printing Functions
Printing functions have not worked since Moshi Rewritten became a desktop app after flash closed down.
I'm not getting a verification email?
Good news, you don't need to open the verification email! Just log in with the information you've provided and it'll take you to the exact same window for registration.
I seem to have skipped levels/not earned a trophy?
This is being seen as a common bug when achieving level 3. If you do not earn your trophy ping a moderator or DM us and we will give you the trophy
My account was banned and when a friend visited it the room was different!
Just to be clear, your account hasn't been hacked. Banned accounts in the old game used to not be able to be loaded at all, but in MMR we have all banned accounts mimic as "admin" account instead so, you're not in an infinite loading loop.
I selected the 'other' gender identity but I have the male character?
Yes, unfortunately Mind Candy did not make any more than 2 gender identities because let's be honest 2010s were really diverse to begin with. The 'other' gender option was added by OUR developers however, there will most likely not be a fix for this.
My shovel is just floating and won't let me plant any seeds.
This is a Mind Candy bug and we cannot fix this. To be able to replant seeds, just exit out of the garden and then re-enter.
The Colorama at The Port will temporarily hold your chosen colours and then revert back to the original colours. Check out for more information on how to change your monster's colours.
My level 3 trophy hasn't appeared/disappeared?
The trophy in question is a black/navy trophy with red devil accents. This is a common issue with new users. If you're having this issue please ping a mod with your username (and of course why you're pinging us, we're not mind readers). ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
━━━> Inappropriate Conduct
We urge you to report any inappropriate usernames, pinboard messages and rooms.
You can contact moderators via the email ([email protected]). If you are able to screenshot what the issue is, then by all means add it. More Info: Rules: 
━━━> Gameplay
What's the best Mini-Game for xp/rox? has all the info you need. Overall its personal preference. 3RD PARTY APPLICATIONS WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE BAN AND ARE CONSIDERED CHEATING.
I can't sign in to my old account!!
We did not save accounts prior to shut down. More Info:
Where can I buy extra floors/clothes?
Houses can be bought at Ooh la Lane while clothes can be bought at the Market Place at Sludge Street or at the Boot-eek at Bleurgh Beach.
I would like to delete my MMR Account.
We do not delete accounts, if you no longer want to play the game just abandon the account. We won't pester you with guilt trip emails of your crying monster like the old site lol.
Where can I find the codes?
List of codes can be found at Most codes from the old site do not work. To enter them visit for more information.
The 'Save My Details' doesn't work?
Your login will not save even if you select that option. When this happens you will have to type it in again when logging in. You can bypass this by pressing the "My Room" button on the top right-hand corner and it will take you straight into the game.
How do I pay for Membership?
Membership is free for everyone, you will obtain it from the beginning when you sign up.
Item Descriptions
Item names having “This is a special edition item” in the shop isn’t a bug, just we decided to shove rarer items into there. You may have seen some other jumbled text in a handful of items, majority of items have an auto-generated description. This doesn't affect gameplay, therefore, this isn't a priority fix. 
What are Quests
Quests actually aren't added to MMR. This is due to lost files and therefore we cannot add these back into Rewritten. So your medal book will be incomplete.    
Is the Food Factory coming back?
No, this feature has lost files therefore it's not coming back as far as we know.
Where can I buy items?
I'd like to talk to someone about the ban on my account!
If you want to discuss a ban please contact [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP! You will need to provide the email or the username if you are enquiring about your ban. 
How long does it take for stores to rotate items?
Fifteen (15) Minutes. Please keep in mind that this isn't 15 minutes on the dot, some stores are out of sync with the time (May rotate at 4:13 instead of 4:15).
━━━> After reading this information you can email a question or issue you are having that is not answered here at [email protected] or on the report-bugs