Why aren't my moshlings appearing? (nothing arrived)

Recently a handful of players have been speaking with mods about Moshlings not turning up in their garden. 

We urge you to please check the colour combination for your desired Moshling. Just because you have the correct seeds DOES NOT mean you are either guaranteed the colour or the Moshling you so desire. 

You can view different colour combinations via the CHOOSE MOSHLING link that is shown in the garden. 

By viewing the colour combination, you can hover or place your cursor over the moshling, DO NOT CLICK.


We're trying to get Burnie, so therefore we need 1 Crazy Daisy and 2 Snap apples. The colour is often the colour of the card itself otherwise the card is grey. As shown with Scrumpy.

To obtain the Moshling you must MATCH the colour combination as well as the seed combination.