How do I enter Secret Codes?

“How do I enter secret codes?

Secret codes are a feature that allows you to obtain rare and exciting prizes, to input a secret code you must either click the 'GOT A SECRET CODE?' button or if that doesn't work the text at the bottom of the page diaplying 'Secret Code'. This is shown below.

Once you click on the button, Moshi Monsters will load the IGGY code screen. After a few seconds the green goo should clear to reveal the following screen:

To enter a secret code, click on the “enter code here” area with your mouse pointer and then type in the code you want to enter.

Once you’ve done that, click on the “EAT IT!” button to submit the code.

You’ll see IGGY eat the code and give it a good chew before telling you the results. Every now and them IGGY seem to take forever to chew a code!

“A code I put in doesn't work”

This could be for several reasons:

  • You’ve mistyped it
  • The code has expired
  • You’ve already entered the code before
  • It isn’t a secret code.
  • A glitch is occuring (this is rare, try logging in and out)

You can see which codes are active and which ones have expired at

(Please be aware that this screenshot may become outdated)