How do I enter Secret Codes?

“How do I enter secret codes?

Secret codes are a feature that allows you to obtain rare and exciting prizes, to input a secret code you must either click the 'GOT A SECRET CODE?' button or if that doesn't work the text at the bottom of the page diaplying 'Secret Code'. This is shown below.

Then simply enter a code into the code eater to obtain a free gift, it can be rox (currency) , items or possibly in the future clothes and seeds.

“A code I put in doesn't work”

This could be for several reasons:

  • The code you used has expired
  • You have already used the code
  • A glitch is occuring (this is rare, try logging in and out, otherwise contact us-

You can see which codes are active and which ones have expired at

(Please be aware that this screenshot may become outdated)