How to download and install MMR Desktop on linux

Moshi Monster Rewritten is now available on Linux devices, Follow these steps to play the game.




Step 1 : Download MMR Desktop for linux

Go to the download page from here and choose Download for Linux

Step 2 : install the game

After the download has finished, Go to the download folder and open the terminal and type :

sudo dpkg -i mmrdesktop_1.3.0_amd64.deb

As shown in the picture :

That's it, You can now open the game and play

If you want to delete the game open the terminal and type :

sudo apt remove mmrdesktop -y
  • OTHER LINUX VERSIONS (works on arch,fedora, debian, etc)


You can download the appilication on other distros with a appimage package, download it from here, this is extremely easy to setup, all you need to do is open a terminal then type in chmod +x <path/to/app>/ after that you just simply open it and play it! You can drag this to any folder location you want.



To get rid of it, you just delete that 1 file. appimages are portable.