Goodbye Flash, welcome Moshi Monsters Rewritten Desktop!

Adobe announced that it will not support Adobe Flash Player from December 2020. Flash technology will no longer be supported by internet browsers.

As you know, Moshi Monsters Rewritten is an online game, platform. So the part that works on the browser is actually just as much as the part that's visible on the iceberg.

That's why we developed a new client "MMR Desktop" to protect the playability of Moshi Monsters Rewritten.

You can download the Moshi Monsters Rewritten Desktop Application to your computer and continue to play and have fun.

If you experience problems, please read the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

- Download for windows :

Do you want to download for Windows 32-bit ? Click here

- Download for Mac :

- Download for Linux :

Do you need help?

Yes, the download is safe, Your system may flags it as "unsafe" because it's by a unknown/small publisher.

If you are facing a problem like the one in the picture :

Please do not use Microsoft Edge browser / Internet explore browser.
You can use any other browser that suits you, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera...

On Windows, select More Information and Run anyway.

On macOS, right-click or Control-click the application and select Open.

Yes you can, watch the Tutorial Here.

We will be happy to answer your question, Please Click here to enter our discord