28th Nov 2023

EVENT: Grab some free Super Moshling Posters!

Hello again young monsters, it's little old me again. As promised I will be giving away a few Super Moshling themed posters to you lot. These posters feature Jinx, Glugg, Wanda and Sparx respectively. Each of these moshlings are not known to be found in Monstro City, but some themed items have now made their way here.

Here are the codes to collect these SUPER items:

Wanda Poster: WV200

Glugg Poster: SEASALT55

Jinx Poster: QUEENCLEO12

Sparx Poster: BRANDON44

Anyway, my dear friends; that is all from me for a while. For any interested parties, we are once again holding Super Moshi tryouts at the Volcano. So if anyone is interested in learning to become a Super Moshi, just visit me at the Volcano.

Stay vigilant...

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