19th Jul 2024

New moshlings arrive in Monstro City!

Greetings moshi fans! It's me, Buster Bumblechops. I've just stopped by to let you all know that seven additional moshlings have been sighted in Monstro City today. Three of these were runners up from the Design a moshling competition and the other four are some Winter variants of some familiar faces.

Here are the seed combinations required to collect these new moshlings:

Funguy - Red Dragon Fruit, Blue Star Blossom, Yellow Dragon Fruit

Astro - Orange Hot Silly Pepper, Orange Magic Beans, Orange Crazy Daisy

Clickr - Green Crazy Daisy, Orange Snap Apple, Green Love Berries

Winter Chop Chop - Blue Dragon Fruit, Blue Dragon Fruit, Blue Dragon Fruit

Winter Hocus - Blue Hot Silly Peppers, Blue Snap Apple, Blue Snap Apple

Winter Ecto - Blue Love Berries, Blue Love Berries, Blue Hot Silly Peppers 

Winter Lady Meowford - Blue Moon Orchid, Blue Moon Orchid, Blue Star Blossom


Anyway, that is all from me for now moshi fans. I am getting old now, moshling hunting isn't as easy as it used to be. I might look into retirement. But don't worry about me, go and collect those cool creatures.

All the best,

Buster Bumblechops Signature

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