27th Jun 2022

Two new moshlings arrive in Monstro City!

Hello moshi fans! It's me, Buster Bumblechops. Over the last day I have recieved reports of two new moshling species being spotted in people's gardens. It seems that these two moshlings have made their way into monstro city to join the others from the other week.

These two moshlings are Roscoe the Shady Sherrif and Subwoofer the Party Pooper. Roscoe is a moshling you might have come across in the past outside Monstro City while Subwoofer is a species not known about until now! Here are the seed combos to obtain these exciting new moshlings:

Roscoe: Any Dragon Fruit, Any Moon Orchid, Any Moon Orchid

Subwoofer: Green Dragon Fruit, Black Snap Apple, Green Magic Beans

Anyways, that is all from me. I will go take a much needed rest.

All the best,

Buster Bumblechops Signature

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