2nd Oct 2023

Tyra Fangs is jetting off to Jollywood!

Greetings and a very Merry Twistmas to all!


It's my first time writing for the Daily Growl for quite some time... Isn't it just FAB? My darling Roary has done such a great job with getting this place back on track. I have no time to goss, but just wanted to share this rather puzzling puzzle that I found in a brochure wedged inbetween the velvet seats of Mr. Growl's private jet plane. I'm on my way to Jollywood to spend Twistmas under the beaming sun! You could have just as much fun as me if you figured out this crossword. I believe that each answer is actually a SECRET CODE to unlock some gorgeous items for your Monster! Go on, check it out!


5. Love interest to Stanley
7. Named after Mind Candy's first endeavour
8. cheesy topping
9. SUPER festive

1. Reward from Freezy Riders
2. Zippity Zoshling
3. Moshling that appeared first at the Texas State Fair
4. Celeb featured in Moshi sleep story
6. only non-mission Moshling in Roxstars


When you're done, take the first letter from each answer in order (question 1, 2, 3 ETC) to spell out a SUPER SECRET CODE for a SUPER SPECIAL ITEM!

Keep on puzzling my dear MONSTARS. I'm rooting for you! We're all rooting for you!

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