27th Jun 2022

MORE new moshlings have arrived in Monstro City!

Hello moshi fans. It's me Buster Bumblechops, moshling collector EXTRAORDINAIRE. And I have the great privilege of unveiling 23 new moshlings that I have identified entering Monstro City. These new moshlings will be obtainable through planting the correct seeds in your moshling garden.

We have some rather exciting critters this month. We have a variant of Baby Rox that closer resembles her predecessor and we have Scorchy, the Boastful Toaster; a moshling I had never spotted in Monstro City until now. I was also able to confirm that the moshling I encountered in the Gombala gombala jungle last week was actually Mumbo, Punky Monkey! Anyway moshi fans, here is the list of combos to collect all 23 of these new moshlings. As I suspected the new green and orange plants have come in to play here.

T. Rocky - red crazy daisy, green hot silly pepper, red love berries

T. Oddie - red star blossom, green star blossom, red star blossom

T. Cherry Bomb - red moon orchid, green crazy daisy, red star blossom

T. Iggy - red moon orchid, green crazy daisy, red crazy daisy

Little Bad Bill - any star blossom, any star blossom, any moon orchid

Little chief two scoops - orange love berries, any star blossom, any moon orchid

Crazy Bill - red crazy daisy, yellow crazy daisy, any hot silly pepper

Big Chief Bill - pur ple hot silly pepper, black hot silly pepper, purple magic beans

Gumpty - any crazy daisy, any crazy daisy, any star blossom

Purrsley - yellow crazy daisy, black moon orchid, yellow crazy daisy

Prof. Heff - green snap apple, any moon orchid, any moon orchid

Posy - pink moon orchid, green moon orchid, purple crazy daisy

Jiggy - green hot silly pepper, any hot silly pepper, any magic beans

Harley - purple moon orchid, black moon orchid, any magic beans

Juniper - blue star blossom, orange dragon fruit, pink crazy daisy

Scorchy - red snap apple, any snap apple, any dragon fruit

Mumbo - green moon orchid, any moon orchid, any crazy daisy

Doyle - blue star blossom, orange star blossom, any hot silly pepper

Bruce - purple moon orchid, any snap apple, any moon orchid

S. Baby Rox - purple snap apple, purple snap apple, purple snap apple

S. Dipsy - orange moon orchid, orange moon orchid, orange love berries

S. Gabby - pink magic beans, pink magic beans, pink magic beans

S. Roxy - green snap apple, green snap apple, green star blossom

Okay then, that is all from me today. Hope you enjoy collecting and caring for these new moshlings. I will see you sometime soon I imagine.

All the best,

Buster Bumblechops Signature

(- Creation of Moshling assets: Gogoboymelton, MarioJoe11, Brandon, & Cevan - Coding: Dragon, MarioJoe11, & Eileen - Juniper designed by Wildswimmer - Baby Rox designed by ICONYUHYUH)
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