27th Jun 2022

Mysterious garden phenomena!

Why hello moshi fans! It's me Buster Bumblechops - moshling collector EXTRODINARE. Over the last day or so I have heard rumours from citizens of Monstro City that some of their seeds have been growing into green or orange flowers! Now this is most peculiar. I have never heard of this taking place in Monstro City before. But that seems to be the way of things recently, with all the moshling activity we have seen over the last few months.

Currently these flowers don't seem to attract any particular moshlings but their sudden appearence suggests they must have some hidden element of importance. What that it is, I cannot conclude. I do have some images of these flowers that have been reported to me but I believe there are more to be discovered!

I reccomend keeping an eye on things this month as it is possible some new moshling critters may start to take a liking to these seeds at some point in the future. They might be useless now but I doubt that will last so watch this space...

Anyway, thankyou for your time moshi fans. Me and Roary will get back to you if there are any developments in this peculiar situation.

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