27th Jun 2022

Ten new Moshlings enter the mix!

Greetings Moshi Fans! Roary Scrawl Here. I just recieved an urgent transmission from Buster Bumblechops, informing you players that ten more moshlings can now be found in your moshling garden! Let's have a look shall we?

A lot of these moshlings seem to be special variants of existing species! These rare forms seem to be cropping up more and more the last few months, interesting. Buster also sent me a list of the seed combos required to add these critters to your moshling zoos!

Pipa - yellow crazy daisy, yellow crazy daisy, any star blossom

Moxy - pink moon orchid, any moon orchid, any hot silly pepper

F. Oddie - blue star blossom, yellow star blossom, blue star blossom

F. Coolio - blue love berries, yellow snap apple, blue star blossom

F. Hansel - blue magic beans, yellow moon orchid, blue dragon fruit

F. Fizzy - blue hot silly pepper, yellow crazy daisy, blue hot silly pepper

M. Blingo - blue snap apple, purple dragon fruit, blue snap apple

M. Cutie Pie - purple crazy daisy, blue dragon fruit, purple star blossom

M. White Fang - purple moon orchid, blue magic beans, purple crazy daisy

M. Flumpy - blue magic beans, purple moon orchid, blue star blossom

From what we have seen moshlings are cropping up in Monstro City at heights not seen for almost ten years! That on it's own is very exciting. I would expect to see more critters pop up over the coming months. Anyway, that's all from me! Good luck hunting and - 

Keep your eye out for more...

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