27th Jun 2022

Spooky New Moshling Encounters!

Goopendous news every Moshi!

Roary Scrawl here. We just had a visit from expert Moshlingologist Buster Bumblechops and his assistant Snuffy Hookums who have just returned from a daring adventure. Luckily we were able to record the visit and have a transcript of what they said below. Take it away folks!

"Greetings! Buster Bumblechops at your service. It is with great pleasure that I can formally announce yet another large expansion to the Moshling Zoo! Snuffy and I have been on a wild adventure around the world of Monstro City, taking in the sights and researching all sorts of odd little Moshlings. Whilst we're not quite ready to fully publish all of our findings yet, we have twenty one new Moshlings logged down and ready for you to catch! This adventure has taken us everywhere; we've been hunting deep down Brashcan Alley with Sly Chance doing some deals with some rather shady Moshlings, Observing Pawberry Hills' recent wildlife with the Poppeteers and even exploring the great unknown with Tamara Tesla way out in the Swooniverse!"

"Oh, is it my turn now? I see! Hello, Snuffy Hookums here... Is this thing on?"

(It was at this point that Snuffy was tapping Blinki, our All-Seeing Moment Muncher.)

"Okay, good. So it was at this point that we were ready to kick our feet up with a nice cup of Mr. Tea but we heard a strange report from Captain Buck that the abandoned CLONC base was once again creating pollution and not only that, ghosts were starting to emerge from it! Ol' Chopsy Popsy suggested that we let the Super Moshis handle this case but I'm never one to back down! We headed down to Potion Ocean in our Bumbletron Submatic Deluxe and made our way into the lair. It was oh so dark..."

"Indeed it was! So dark that I couldn't find you... It was at this moment where I felt a spooky shiver right through my guzzling gooberries! A Paranormal Pumpkin held a shining spoon infront of me! What a sight to behold! These Moshlings are incredibly rare! I had to snap a photo, but before I had any chance to react I was sweeped up in a funky cloud and held hostage in a destroyed Glumpatron! I noticed rather unsettling Moshlings that had gathered around me; they appeared to be completely made out of pumpkin! Can you believe that? They were quite friendly blighters, and without hesitation managed to free me from this wretched curse that the creepy little critter tried to set on me! We all made a break for it and called out for Snuffy who had managed to find herself round in circles and was already back at the Submatic Deluxe. What a journey!"

"A journey indeed! We took these poor critters back to our sanctuary where we got the scoop from a fuzzy little Moshling by the name of C. Fingz. It turns out that these Moshlings were indeed once bright and colourful but they were cast into their new pumpkin selves! They've been hollowed out from the inside and are rather unsettling but assure us that they are indeed friendly folk. It appears that the Paranormal Pumpkin intended to add Buster to his collection of pumpkins. Good job I was there for us all to make a quick breakthrough!"

Well, there you have it! I wouldn't believe such a farfetched claim If I didn't see all the ghosts out there for myself! I wonder why this Moshling wants to cause so much trouble? Who knows but one thing's for certain; the Super Moshis will soon be on the case! Buster and Snuffy were kind enough to leave this handy guide of all of their new findings and a list of how to attract all of the new critters to your garden. I don't know how I feel about having these spooky pumpkin guys in my zoo...

Topsy turvy - any hot silly pepper, any hot silly pepper, any crazy daisy 
Oopsy - pink hot silly pepper, any star blossom, any crazy daisy
Travis - blue dragon fruit, any hot silly pepper, any magic beans
Calvin Crime - red moon orchid, black magic beans, black star blossom
Fopkin - black magic beans, blue snap apple, any snap apple
Lips - blue magic beans, any moon orchid, any snap apple
Flora - pink hot silly pepper, any moon orchid, any star blossom
Pizmo - blue magic beans, any moon orchid, any star blossom
Melena - blue crazy daisy, pink hot silly pepper, blue star blossom
Hellie - pink star blossom, pink love berry, any love berry
Benedict - any crazy daisy, any snap apple, any snap apple
Ping - purple star blossom, pink love berry, any snap apple
Zeke - purple dragon fruit, blue moon orchid, any moon orchid
Harmy - black moon orchid, red dragon fruit, black moon orchid 
Kaboom - yellow snap apple, red love berries, any hot silly pepper
Clarence - yellow crazy daisy, blue magic beans, red love berries 
Rebus - purple moon orchid, black hot silly pepper, red star blossom
Vernon - black dragon fruit, pink dragon fruit, purple love berries
Threddie - any hot silly pepper, any star blossom, any moon orchid
Nancy - blue dragon fruit, any star blossom, any snap apple
Gumdrop - yellow crazy daisy, blue crazy daisy, red crazy daisy
Jeepers - black crazy daisy, black snap apple, black love berries
Big Bad Bill - purple love berries, purple star blossom, purple star blossom
Squidge - purple dragon fruit, purple star blossom, purple hot silly pepper
Scamp - black snap apple, black moon orchid, black dragon fruit

But wait! There's one last thing: Remember those weird photos Ruby and I found? It turns out they were sent by Buster in an attempt to contact us! We have it here in high quality thanks to Mr. Bumblechops. If you can piece it together you'll be able to get a special seed for your garden!

Until next time,

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