28th Oct 2021

Ghosts takeover Bleurgh Beach!


Ruby Scribblez here. Can you believe it? I'm free from that slimy Stashley Snoozer's clutches! Just after writing his spooky article Roary and his sister Lori came straight  to the Port to bail me out. They spoke in great detail on what happened with my investigation on Super Seeds and pleaded for my release making sure they knew how ROARsome I am and how much of a contribution I am to Monstro City and perhaps even the universe! I was so flattered.

Anyway, ol' Stashley started to snooze about midway through the conversation which we took as an A-OK to leave. I'm sure he's fine with it! Aah, fresh air. I promised to stay away from the Port right now but a true reporter never rests. I heard murmors from monsters that Bleurgh Beach had been  infested with ghosts. Ha! Have you ever heard such nonsense? I thought I'd be making a quick trip, maybe chillax for a while by the shore and then be on my way. But my dear readers, you're in for quite the shock. Check this out!

Ghosts! At Blerugh Beach! Can you believe it?!?

Okay, maybe it isn't that surprising given the shopkeepers here, but there's so many now! The sky was also oddly purple. I tried talking to these newly located creatures but they didn't seem to understand what I said... My ghost must be rusty. Never one to be undefeated, I decided to talk to the locals. Most were screaming in terror but I managed to find a little hermit crab who was willing to give me a quick convo. Here's the scoop on that!

Ruby: Heya! Thanks for your time. Do you know where all these ghosts came from?

Herman Crab: A huge portal opened just a moment ago from way underneath the sea. Lots of ghosts flew out of there and they've just been floating around since. They seem quite harmless... The portal seemed to bring along darkness with it. 

Ruby: Intriguing! But are you sure it's not just night time?

Herman Crab: It's 4pm...

Ruby: Oh wow, is it? I just got here, hehe! Time sure flies when you're in prison!

Herman Crab: ...What?

So there you have it! Seems that this just happened. Man, I wish I got here earlier! It would've made for a great photo sesh. Nevermind that though; I figured my next best contact would be the Marooned Five. These otherwordly swashbucklers sail the seventy seas so I figured if anyone knew what waas going on it'd be them! I popped a letter in a bottle and sailed it out to the shore. I came back the next day and I had a letter in return! It was oddly misty and didn't appear to be from our ghostly crew. I could barely read the letter through all of the mist but I was just about able to make out the initials of the sender; "B". Hmm... Who could it be? Baz? Buck? Beau Squiddly? I have no idea but the letter was just as washed out as the latter! 

I heard something rattling in the bottle as I was about to discard it. Metal puzzle pieces! This stuff is way too nerdy for me to bother with, so mind finishing the job for me? 

That's all for now! As always if you have any hot goss send it our way!

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