28th Oct 2021

Time to get SPOOKY!

Greetings MonSTARS!

Did you see what my colleague Ruby got herself into? Tons of you contacted us to let us know your wild theories but alas Ruby isn't able to reply to them right now. We've had to briefly suspend her from The Daily Growl by order of Stashley Snoozer who spotted her tresspassing through to the Port in hopes of engaging in one-to-one combat with the alledged shopkeeper. Yeah... It's been quite an ordeal and I think we'd be best to just move right along!

So, Halloween, huh? I know it's quite early but I just CANNOT wait for it! Man, it's so much fun to dress up and go trick or treating! It takes me back to when Lori and I were little and dressed up in our favourite outfits whilst Mama Scrawl filled our treat buckets up with sweet and sour eyeballs. sniff

I'm hoping my lovely Tyra will come along this time. She keeps telling me I'm being childish but I really want her to come join me this year! I bought her a couple of outfits but I'm struggling to decide on them. What's better? A Roarker outfit or a flaming Diavlo? Hmm.... It's not easy picking stuff out for a model!


Do you have any plans? I'd love to hear them! For now though, I have some exclusive spooky items to share with you. Bushy Fandango found these artifacts on a recent journey and dropped by to give them out! It's so nice of her to support our relaunch. Simply enter these codes into IGGY:


There's one more too, but I'm gonna make you work for it! Take a look below:



Before we wrap up here, I have some incredibly exciting news! 

Straight from Buster Bumblechops himself; brand new Moshlings have been discovered and he is working hard to round them up so that we can collect them in our Moshling Zoos! He sent me a photo of some of the new critters but sadly it fell through my letterbox and straight into a pool of water. If you can decipher any of this, do let me know!

Keep your eyes peeled...


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