27th Jun 2022

New Moshlings have been added to the game !

Greetings MonSTARS!

It’s been a long while since I last wrote to you all, isn’t it? Waldo, Ruby and I have been busy de-dusting the place ready for new articles but realised we didn’t actually have anything to write about! That’s until Moshling extraordinaire Buster Bumblechops burst through the office with a brand new document in hand.

What was it you ask? I’ll hand it over to him.

“Oho! Greetings! After many moons of concocting various different seeds together I have concocted the seed combinations needed to attract a bundle of entirely BRAND NEW Moshlings! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to attract any of the ol’ blighters but they’ve FINALLY took a liking to the seeds I’ve been planting! Try these out for yourself:

Dinky - three blue snap apples

Eugene - blue hot silly pepper, any hot silly pepper, any snap apple

Pipsi - red star blossom, red snap apple, red crazy daisy

Splitz - love berries, love berries, snap apple

Squelch - snap apple, crazy daisy, hot silly pepper

Otto - blue hot silly pepper, blue hot silly pepper, any crazy daisy

Quincy - red crazy daisy, red snap apple, any star blossom

Swizzle - purple crazy daisy, pink snap apple, any star blossom

Bonkers -blue snap apple, pink snap apple, pink snap apple

Blue Jeepers - blue crazy daisy, blue love berries, blue dragon fruit

Twistmas Hoodoo - red hot silly pepper, red star blossom, red moon orchid

Toots - black magic beans, any magic beans, any crazy daisy

Edison - yellow star blossom, yellow magic beans, yellow star blossom

Shimmy - any magic beans, any love berries, any crazy daisy

Major moony - pink snap apple, pink snap apple, any moon orchid

King toot - any love berries, any love berries, any love berries

Shmoops - moon orchid, love berries, magic beans

Zonkers - any hot silly pepper, any magic beans, blue star blossom

Ivy - any snap apple, any star blossom, any star blossom

Shrewman - yellow magic beans, any star blossom, any crazy daisy

Clump - any crazy daisy, any crazy daisy, any snap apple

Cleetus - any snap apple, any magic beans, any magic beans

Jarvis - pink dragon fruit, pink dragon fruit, pink dragon fruit

Tumbles - any hot silly pepper, any hot silly pepper, any hot silly pepper


Ooh! Bonkers! That’s right! After many years of research I am able to conclude that they are indeed a Moshling! They’re awfully picky though, just like the group of Nutty Nutters that held my Great Uncle Snufflepeeps hostage in the depths of the deep dark Unknown Zone... Aha! I’m getting sidetracked. Back to you, Mr. Scrawl!”

Um... There you have it folks! I believe it’s been quite some time since the ol’ Moshling Zoo had any new critters popping up. We can’t wait to see all these adorable little guys showing up in Monstro City! As for us, we’re getting the typewriters in gear ready for tons of new articles. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store!


-Some of the music for new moshlings is copyright free music from "Ourmusicbox"

-Majority of assets belong to Moshi Monsters, Mind Candy. The rest are at least inspired from their work.

Designers include myself, Mariojoe11 and Brandonjoshhh

-Music excerpt for Big Rad Boombox item is copyright free music called "Lilac Skies" by Corbyn Kites.

-Music excerpt for Big Sad Boombox item is free music called "Atmosphere" by Naoya Sakamata


As always,

Keep your eyes peeled!

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