12th Aug 2022

EVENT: Collect your daily October Gift! #DAY14

Greetings every Moshi!

Whilst I’ve been typing away to an acquaintance my super smart squirrel assistant Waldo has been hard at work brainstorming some EXCLUSIVE puzzles with top scientist Tamara Tesla right here for you goopendous readers! It only makes sense to kickstart our press reel again with a true celebration like this.

How it works is simple. Piece the puzzle below together to reveal a secret code that you can enter for a roarsome prize! This will be going on every day throughout October so make sure you keep tabs on the Growl and check back here every day! You’ll be able to deck out your room with style once you’ve finished all the puzzles!

This is day 14 of 31. Today’s item is none other than the Venus Flytrap. Well? What are you waiting for? Get puzzling!



That’s all for today. Waldo calculates nothing but success for you! Go enjoy your prize and as always…
Keep your eyes peeled!

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