How do I report a user?

There are a few naughty users on MMR who break the rules and we'd like to keep this a safe place for children of all ages. So if you see someone with an inappropriate username, messages or rooms, here are some ways you can report them. 

If the user has an inappropriate username or room and send it to [email protected] and moderators will be the first to respond!

If the room is inappropriate we urge you to send a screenshot, there are many applications to use for this. If you're unsure of what to use, Windows has a screenshotting tool already in the system. Just search "Snipping Tool" in your device's search bar. You're more than welcome to use another device, i.e a mobile device. 

If there is an inappropriate message on someone's pinboard we urge you to click on the little "M" on the top right corner of the sticky note, from there Moderators will take the needed action.

Now that Video Gifts are working, we need to keep those in check as well. If someone sends you an inappropriate message in your video gift, on the 'tag' before you open it there is a little "M" in the bottom left corner of the menu. 

An alert like the one below will pop up, so just press yes. 

Help keep Moshi Monsters Rewritten safe for everyone!