How to keep your account secure

We work very hard to make sure that Moshi Monsters is kept safe and
secure for our players. We need help from you to make sure things are
truly secure though! These guidelines should help keep you safe:
1) Choose a strong password. Don't use your name, your pet's name, your
favourite food or anything else that someone could easily guess. We
recommend using the following website to make a good password:
Once you have your password, DON'T write it down or keep it anywhere
someone else could see it or find it (like in the back of a
schoolbook,for example). Memorise it!
NEVER tell anyone else your password. We really mean it: NEVER TELL
ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD!! EVER!!! Not your friends in-game, not your
friends at school, even if they offer to tell you theirs in return. The
only exceptions are your parents or guardians, or maybe your teacher
(if they're nice!).
If you have to tell your parent or teacher your password, make sure
you whisper it quietly into their ear if there are other people around
who might overhear you say it!
 If you play Moshi Monsters in a computer lab in a group with other
kids, or you take turns sharing a computer, make sure nobody can watch
your fingers when you're typing your password! Either practice your
password so you can type it really fast, or hunch over the keyboard so
nobody can see what you're typing.
If you follow these guidelines, your account will be safe from hackers
and you won't have to worry about some horrible person selling all your stuff to the dodgy dealer! ;)