Why was my account banned?

If your account is banned you will not be able to login and will recieve this notice when trying to. If you are able to login but the game never loads, you are experiencing a glitch that is unrelated to any banning. You can contact us via our email at [email protected]

If you are banned it means you have not complied with the rules of the site. You are not allowed to use inappropriate language in your username, pinboard, friend request message or wallscrawl. This includes the use of censoring words with any digits that mask the word or have been misspelled in an attempt to avoid detection. An inappropriate username will result in a permament ban, an isolated inappropriate message depending on the content may eventually result in a reversed ban if you contact us and plead your case. 

You may have also been banned for use of harassment or bullying. Context cannot always be clear so we apologise if friendly banter gets mis-interpreted. Sharing of personal information will also result in a ban. Finally, the use of 3rd party software will get you banned, meaning no cheating or exploits are allowed.