What are BFF News

When you're in your monster's room, you'll see the BFF News icon in the upper right-hand corner, so click on it to see what your Best Friends have been up to lately!

You'll know when they :

      • Update mood
      • Update favourite moshling
      • Update favourite food
      • Updated favourite music
      • Complete mission
      • Caught moshling
      • Sent gift
      • Received gift
      • Updated monster color
      • Level up
      • Beat Daily Challenge average score
      • Beat Minigame highscore
      • Update monster dress
      • Bought house style    
      • Bought room
      • Increase monstar
      • Gets a medal


To make someone a BFF you will need to find their name on your friends tree, hover over it and click the star next to their name. members can have up to 11 BFF .