How do I earn Rox?

Earning Rox is easy and fun! You can earn Rox a few ways. Each day you'll earn Rox when you play the Daily Challenge for 60 seconds, and you can earn more Rox when you play Practice Puzzles by clicking the puzzle button in your room. You can only play the Daily Challenge once a day and you can only earn practice puzzle EXTRA Rox once a day, but they're both a really good way to earn Rox!

You can earn more Rox by playing games around Monstro City. Flex your fingers at En-Gen or help Colonel Catcher at Flutterby Fields. Join Giuseppe Gelato and sell Ice Scream or play Moshling Boshling by clicking on Lila Tweet and Pete Slurp in the park. Look for the handheld game icon to find the many games in Monstro City.