Dress Up

  • You'll find the clothing items in the Monstro City Marketplace on Sludge Street.
  • In the Marketplace are six shops, one for each monster.
  • In the shop for your monster, you'll find the items of clothing that are specifically made for that monster and will fit them properly.
  • You CAN buy any item of clothing even if it is not for their monster, BUT there is no guarantee it will fit properly.
  • Currently, there is No Way of selling clothing items back to the Dodgy Dealer or discarding it.


To get to your Dress Up inventory, click on the Map button in your room, then on the map click on the icon for Dress Up Room.
Once you're in Dress Up mode, you'll see an inventory folder show up on the right, with icons for head, hat, feet, hands, accessories. Your dress up items will be in that folder.
Drag each item to your monster where you can then rotate, scale and layer your clothing.
When you save, you will not see your dressed up monster in your own room.
  • Other people will see the monster dressed up when they visit your room.
  • You will see other people's monsters dressed up when you visit their room.